The perfect shape to define your cheekbones and jawline.


Finish your look with a dusting of loose powder with this fluffy, ultra-soft brush.

Precision BlenderBOM-03

Ultra-soft tapered bristles for blending smaller areas of your face.

Domed BlushBOM-04

Apply and blend blush to the apples of your cheeks for a natural glow.


Perfect for applying a killer highlight to your cheekbones.


Buff and blend cream or liquid foundation to a flawless finish.


Apply and blend liquid or cream foundation for perfect, even coverage.

Angled FoundationBOM-08

Great for foundation application and liquid contour.


Apply and blend concealer under eyes and to small areas of the face.

Round ConcealerBOM-10

Tapered bristles designed to precisely conceal.

Precision HighlightBOM-11

Apply precise highlights to your nose and cupid’s bow.


Flat eye brush perfect for applying color over your entire lid.

Eye ContourBOM-13

Blend and diffuse eye shadow over your entire crease area for a naturally defined look.


The perfect shape and size to create a well-defined crease.


Create a killer cut crease or precisely apply color to your lid.


Blend and smudge shadow in the corner of your eye and at the lash line.

Eye HighlighterBOM-17

Apply highlights to your brow bone and inner corner.


Apply precise color to your lid. Also great for smaller lids.

Pointed LinerBOM-19

Apply concealer to small corners and areas of the face for a flawless complexion.

Precision LinerBOM-20

Create a thicker line or apply color in precise areas on your lid.

Detail LinerBOM-21

Delicately line your upper and lower lash lines and create intricate details.

Flat DefinerBOM-22

Great for creating a sharp line or smudging color at the lash line.

Brow DesignerBOM-23

Create full brows with this stiff angle brush.

Angled BrowBOM-24

Perfect for filling in brows with natural-looking strokes of powder or gel.


Expertly apply lipstick or gloss.