Pointed PowderBOM-31

Ideal for a light dusting of loose powder for a natural finish.


Stipple and blend liquid or cream foundation for an airbrushed look or use for a subtle application of blush.

Angled StipplerBOM-33

Perfect to create an airbrushed finish with foundation on smaller areas of the face including under eyes, around your nose, and along your hairline.

Domed BlushBOM-34

The perfect size and shape for applying blush to the apples of your cheeks for a natural glow.


Create a subtle contour at the hollows of your cheeks and your jawline.


Apply translucent powder or bronzer to smaller areas of your face.


Smaller tapered brush for highlighting cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.


Ideal shape and size for blending smaller areas of the face for an even finish.


Apply subtle highlights or brush away excess powder with this delicate fan brush.


Apply and blend eyeshadow over your entire lid.

Domed ShaderBOM-41

Great for larger eyelids and for blending over large areas of the eye.

Small ShaderBOM-42

Just the right size for applying color to small areas of your lid.


Can be used to blend in the crease or as a general eye blending brush to soften edges and blend colors together.

Large CreaseBOM-44

The ideal shape for defining the crease on larger eyelids or to create subtle definition.


Use the tapered tip to create a clearly defined crease.

Medium CreaseBOM-46

Blend a darker shade into your crease to create definition on your lid.

Small CreaseBOM-47

Blend cut creases for a dramatic look or use to blend other small areas of the eye.


Use this very tapered brush to smudge color in the outer corner and lower lash line for a dramatic look.

Brow DefinerBOM-49

Create hair-like strokes for natural-looking brows.


Detail, line, and fill lips with precision.